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Showing posts with label Stockholm. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top Places to Visit in Stockholm

Top Places to Visit in Stockholm
Stockholm, the city of the Nobel Peace Prize, lined with canals and loaded with fabulous restaurants and shops, has so much to offer. Filled with history and culture Stockholm has been populated since 1252. Here are just a few of the wonderful things to do in this great city.
  • Gamla stan
  • Vassa
  • Drottningholm Palace
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Fotografiska
  • Junibacken Children's Museum
  • Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology
1. Gamla stan is where Stockholm began. It is "old" Stockholm; its narrow alleyways are lined with medieval buildings. The cobblestone streets are filled with charming shops and restaurants.

2. The Vassa Museum houses the warship Vassa, which sank on its maiden voyage on August 10, 1628. The ship was rigged with 10 cannons and a crew of 100. Only a few minutes after launching the ship began to list to port, and then continued to list until it sank with 150 people (the crew was allowed to bring families on board for the maiden voyage). At least 30 drowned and when the ship was raised in 1961, 16 more remains were found. The restored ship is on display with hundreds of artifacts. A lovely restaurant and gift shop make the visit a pleasant one.

3. Drottningholm Palace is located on the island of Drottningholm, built in the 1600's, has been the residence of the Royal Family of Denmark ever since. The site is accessible to the public, and the reception rooms are spectacular. A charming restaurant and gift shop top off the visit.

4. The Stockholm City Hall is one of the most spectacular buildings in Stockholm. The way to see this magnificent building is by public tours, offered during the day with licensed guides. A lovely restaurant and gift shop offer visitors a wide selection of food and gift items.

5. Fotografiska houses what is perhaps the largest collection of photos in the world. The exhibitions change and all of them are brilliant. The Museum houses a charming restaurant and gift shop.

6. The Junibacken Children's Museum is one of the most adorable children's museums in the world. There are so many beautiful exhibits that children can participate in, and the Story Train is an absolute delight. Do not skip lunch and the lovely gift shop.

7. The Swedish Museum of Science and Technology contains over 30,000 square feet of breathtaking exhibits of over 50,000 objects and artifacts, over 200,000 drawings, 620,000 images and over 50,000 books. Some of the world's oldest computers are on display, as well as appealing cars and airplanes. Yes, there is an excellent restaurant and gift shop to culminate a pleasant visit.

You must spend a week in this delightful city.
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