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Showing posts with label Honeymoon travel destination. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top Places to Visit in Berlin

Top Places to Visit in Berlin
When you think of Berlin, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Berlin Wall - without question is the first thing we think. That is Berlin, but if that is all you see, you have missed so much. Here are some of the exciting things you can do in this historic city.

  • Berlin Wall
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag
  • Berlin Island
  • German Historical Museum
  • Berlin Zoological Garden

1. The Berlin Wall constructed in 1961 divided the city into the East and West. It even separated families. Between 1961 and 1989 over 5,000 people tried to escape through or over the wall and over 100 died in their attempt. Barbed wire and barriers stretching 97 miles surrounded three Western sections and 27 miles of barrier divided East and West Berlin. In 1963, President Kennedy gave his Ich bin ein Berliner speech. In 1987, President Reagan challenged Michael Gorbachev to "tear down this wall." We all know the results of these speeches. Today only a small part of the wall remains as a memorial.

2. The Brandenburg Gate was built in the 18th century and served as one of the city's main gates. Today is the symbol of Berlin standing to maintain independence and probably the most celebrated icon in Germany.

3. The Reichstag was built in 1894 and housed the Diet (government) until 1933 when it was damaged by fire. The building fell into disrepair, and the East German government (volkskammer) held their meetings in East Berlin while the West German government (Bundestag) met in Bonn. After the reunification of East and West Germany the building was restored in 1999, and today is the location of the unified government, the Bundestag.

4. Berlin Island is the location of five leading museums. The Altes Museum (Old Museum) features artifacts from the Greek and Roman period, The Neues Museum (New Museum) features artifacts and papyrus from the Egypt Museum, The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) features works of Classicism, Romanticism, the Biedermeier era, Impressionism and early Modernism., The Bode Museum, features Byzantine art, coins a
nd medals, and the Pergamon Museum, featuring Greek and Roman art, pottery and sculpture.

The German Historical Museum features the history of Germany and of Europe. It is a terrific museum of culture filled with historical artifacts.

6. The Berlin Zoological Garden covers 84 acres with over 1,500 species of 19,500 different animals. It is said to contain the most significant collection of animals in the world. After visiting this vast array of animals, you can sit down to a delightful lunch at the Zoo Café and see the lovely gift shop and take home souvenirs of this magnificent zoo.

After each article I finish, I always regret that I could not include more of the exciting places there are to see in this magnificent city. Please allow several days when you visit.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Accomodation At The Baobab Beach Resort

Baobab Beach Resort
Most African countries are very popular when it comes to tourism. Africa is not all about animals, there are many other things that make people enjoy a stay in the great land. There are amazing landscapes, unbelievably intact traditions and cultures, great beaches as well as a wealth of many accommodation facilities in all the places that you choose to visit.

Kenya is one such great country with the coastal region being a part of its major highlights. The coastal region is a great place to tour especially because there are all the facilities that one may need during a holiday. The most important detail of any holiday is the accommodation question.

One of the best places where you can get excellent accommodation is the Baobab beach resort and spa. The resort is set up to overlook the great Indian Ocean, thus creating some of the best views ever. The tropical gardens in the area are unbelievably beautiful. Its surroundings are also very amazing and breathtaking, thus making a stay here quite magical.

The resort is well facilitated and has many coconut trees, some being very exotic. It is a great place for all who want a retreat that is totally exotic and luxurious. There are three hotels here, namely the Kole Kole, Baobab and Maridadi wings.

Baobab wing is set up on a cliff overlooking the beach of Diani. It is an excellent choice for families. At the Maridadi wing, you will have a view of the Indian Ocean and also you will be very near the swimming pool. All rooms are modern. The Kole Kole area has ocean views and an infinity pool. It is near the hotel's private beach area.

The existence of the different wings only means that there are a lot of accommodation options that highly depend on your personal budget and special specifications. The main building has double rooms, great family rooms as well as cottages suitable for couples and most especially honeymooners.

Baobab Beach ResortThere are also modern rooms which comprise of deluxe bungalows as well as superior rooms. In some rooms you will receive a gift basket as well as a gift to welcome you. These are located mainly at the Maridadi wing.

At the Kole Kole wing you can expect to find exclusive suites as well as superior/deluxe rooms. Deluxe rooms are quite spacious with big beds that are mainly four posters. Suites are even larger with Jacuzzis big enough to fit two people.

Food is in plenty regardless of the wing you are staying in provided by the various restaurants in the resort.
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