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Showing posts with label San Francisco International Airport. Show all posts

Friday, February 22, 2013

Places To Visit Around San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco International Airport is the second busiest airport in the State of California, next to Los Angeles's. The former is hailed the 20th biggest airport across the globe. It has great public amenities, which include public showers, shops, restaurants, and more.

One can expect a lot of people arriving and leaving San Francisco, virtually any time of day. Merchants in the establishments located in and out of the airport typically have customers 24/7. Since there are many travelers, one can expect hotels and taxis to be abundant around the area.

There are also spots to visit around the airport. Even those who have connecting flights can still enjoy a glimpse of the world renowned city without leaving the vicinity. Mission Station and 24th Street are only around 20 minutes away from the airport. This is where the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is located, and visitors can feast their eyes on Chicano, South American, Central American, and Caribbean traditional art pieces.

Along Mission Street is the Cartoon Art Museum. This is the only preservation and cartoon art exhibition in the country where visitors can expect to see them in all forms and sizes. The museum has around 6,000 cartoon art pieces on display.

The area also boasts of top hotels. Visitors need not go farther for a lovely bath and much needed sleep, as hotels like the Hampton Inn, Hilton, Four Points by Sheraton, and Embassy Suites are all located minutes away from the San Francisco international airport.

San Francisco International Airport
Those who are ready to shop can drop by Crocker Galleria Shopping Center in Montgomery Street Station. There are over forty shops, restaurants, and boutiques that await travelers. Chinatown is also located along Bush Street and Grant Avenue, where one can indulge in authentic Chinese cuisine. Colorful shops also line the streets, which is why it is considered one of the city's classic towns.

The Embarcadero waterfront offers great photo opportunities to tourists. It is located just a few minutes from the station. Great photos of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge areas are the best way to top off a short visit to the city. Tourists do not have to worry about transportation, as there are many SFO cab and car rental services. They can book for the services before they arrive in San Francisco or they can choose to hail a cab to go to nearby tourist spots or hotel.
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