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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indian Lion Tours Safari Gir National Park in Gujarat

Transport in Gir is required to explore the captivating Gir National Park in Sasangir, Gujarat. This beautiful park is dotted with an abundance of flora and fauna. Sprawling over an area of 1412 sq km, Gir National Park in Sasangir, Gujarat is one of the most charming National Parks in India. Wonderful deciduous forests interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills make the park a picturesque destination.
Transport in Gir helps you to witness the large number of animals and birds at Gir National Park in Sasangir, Gujarat. You can witness animals like leopard, Sambar, spotted deer, blue bull, chousingha (the world's only four-horned antelope), chinkara and wild boar at Gir National Park in Sasangir, Gujarat. The large water bodies at the park like the Kamleshwar Dam houses several crocodiles and birds. There are 250 birds and about 50 other species of birds at the park including the painted sandgrouse, grey francolin, Asian paradise flycatcher, white-browed fantail, and Asian brown flycatcher.

Gir National Park in Sasangir, Gujarat should be ideally visited between late-November and early-March. Avail of transport in Gir to look around this historic park.

You can hire jeeps at the office in Sasan or from the local operators as transport in Gir. There are about 300 lions in the park. To view the magnificent lions at Gir you have to be in the Dewalia area, an area fenced off with lions inside. You have to reserve seats on the mini-bus at the park authority headquarters at Sasan for a ride into this Dewalia area.

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  1. Great information sharing This National park is very famous all over the world. Thanks for sharing with us.
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  3. I often visit remote countries on my travels with the rainwater harvesting business I run but I haven't seen pictures like this in some time. Many thanks for your post and highlighting a different location for others to view.

  4. They are looking simply amazing to watch out..Travel around blog was really interesting and impressed a lot !! Keep sharing !!

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  6. I visited a similar place in South Africa 2010. Lions are amazing creatures. When I go to India next year, Gir will certainly be on my wishlist. Thanks for the info.

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